I՚ve always wanted to have my own clothing style, to dress in a way that totally represents myself, that speaks loudly about my personality. My clothing style has to deliver a message about myself to all the people I meet. But sometimes I feel that only by choosing the style and particular colours of my clothes isn՚t always enough, I need more. And this is how I started to wear personalized T-shirts.


Personalized T-shirts in my clothing style

Personalized T-shirts oktshirt

T-shirts are by far one of the most versatile pieces of clothing and I can easily adapt my daily style using personalized T-shirts in so many combinations. This makes me unique! But regardless of the outfit I choose to create with my personalized T-shirt or the message printed on it, one of the most important factors in creating that stylish look is the quality of the print.


No one wants to wear a piece of clothing whose print has a very poor quality and gets ruined after the first wash. This is why I choose okTSHIRT for my printed pieces of clothing, a brand that I՚ve recently discovered.

Why okTSHIRT? Firstly, because they have an entire team of designers who are available to help you transpose your idea into the coolest and most stylish T-shirt. On the other hand, the high quality of their textiles and prints made me choose them without any doubt. Last but not least, having over 10 years of experience in the field of personalized clothing is definitely a plus.

My T-shirt style

Personalized T-shirts -oktshirt

Well, now that you know how I like to style my outfits and from where do I choose to buy all my personalized clothing – okTSHIRT, let me give you a few examples of outfits with a personalized T-shirt included.

Vacation/summer outfit

Vacation, summer, sea – these are the first things that come into my mind even when thinking about clothing style and printed T-shirts. Who can blame me? When thinking about seaside landscapes, white clothing always comes into my mind. A white printed T-shirt with a “colourful“ message or a personalized T-shirt with cartoon prints. Or vacay-mood quotes would work wonderfuly.

I would style such printed T-shirt with a skirt or some shorts, flip-flops or sandals and some beach inspired jewelry and definitely my long, long walks along the beach would be stylish yet comfortable! This style always helps me get the vacation mood ON.

Second outfit

I also like to wear a personalized T-shirt with a more dramatic, shiny or abstract type of print, combined with a long silk skirt for a casual-elegant outfit. Of course, the lenght of the skirt depends on each person՚s style or preference, I personally prefer the long ones – it՚s all about combining the above mentioned T-shirt style with a precious fabric for the lower part of the body so you can get that glamourous look. Don՚t forget the jewelry!


The fact that I can juggle between prints, messages, colours and combine them how I like it and get some impressive outfits gives me the opportunity to be unique every day! I love colours and I think they have an enormous impact on our mood and mental state so I always choose to wear the ones that I love the most and make me feel good about myself.

The key of personalized T-shirt – print/ printed message

Another version outfit

November woman black tshirt min Personalized T-shirts in my clothing style

The next outfit I want to talk about is made out of two of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can think of. This is a classic I must say! A T-shirt (printed T-shirt, for uniqueness) and jeans. I am absolutely sure that T-shirts and jeans are an absolute must have in each person՚s wardrobe.

Jeans are so versatile, you can combine them with almost everything – from T-shirts, blouses and sweathers to shirts and jackets of all kinds. When talking about the most common of them all – T-shirt and jeans – the T-shirt style is the key that can definitely make the entire outfit stand out. Choosing a deep-quote message or an abstract print can really make a difference!

Out of all outfit combinations I use to wear and best fits my style, here comes the next one: T-shirt (of course, printed T-shirt) and jacket (worn with jeans, trousers or skirt). The unique print I can style my T-shirt with can be combined with a light-weight and elegant jacket so I can have a houte-couture outfit.

My T-shirt style

Because of these difficult times we՚re going through I feel the need to stand out, to be different and feel good about myself. These times of insecurity and unknown are making all of us look for a way to regain confidence in normality and freedom – as we knew them before.

It took me 30 years to look so good men white t shirt min Personalized T-shirts in my clothing style

You can create unlimited styles using such a versatile piece of clothing as a personalized T-shirt. It always comes to individual style, personality and many more, but this is why being able to create your own custom T-shirt is what helps you be different! I must admit, I can’t wait for you to share your own ideas and combinations with me. ? Don’t be shy!

I’ve told you about how you can make different outfits using a custom T-shirt, but I can’t end without telling you how else can you use a personalized T-shirt – as a gift! It’s such a nice way to send your best wishes and thoughts to your loving ones!

Personalized T-shirts – many uses

A “newly wedds“ set of custom T-shirts or “Best grandmother/ grandfather“ printed ones would make a perfect yet funny gift. And let’s not forget about the little ones in our lives – okTSHIRT gives you the possibility to make personalized bodysuites for them too!

Babies shortsleeve bodysuit Custom order front white min Personalized T-shirts in my clothing style

You can give a set of custom T-shirts (for the new parents) and a custom bodysuite (for the baby) and you will definitely please the entire family.

There are so many happy events in a person’s life when a custom T-shirt can be worn and many other reasons when you can be unique by wearing something personalised and all of them can be found and ordered online on the okTSHIRT website. Give them a try!

Until next time, be unique!


Unique by MM


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